Wednesday, 5 January 2011

12th Night sadness

Sadly 12th Night is here and its time to put away all traces of Christmas until next year. I'll be taking down my collection of old and vintage decorations later today and again resolving to be more organised next year and start my present making in good time - ha ha!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to post much recently as we have sickness in the family but I'm really in the 'sitting by the fire knitting' mood at the moment and hope to post something woolly soon.

May I wish everyone a very Happy and Creative 2011 and lets all get organised this year!


  1. Hi Ann! Happy New this little house ornament.....I have a similar one (though not in as good shape) that was from my Grandmother's tree......a treasure to me!

  2. Hope that your family is better now? It's the time for flue and catching a cold.....
    Your little house is so cute, Is that a tradition, the 12th night of sadness?
    I am knitting a new doll pattern, a rabbit, so fun from the same lady as my other dolls. Her patterns are really a great pleasure to knit.
    Keep care of yourself!!
    Hugs Baukje

  3. Hope you dont mind - We have done a similar post
    but have given you a mention.
    Happy New Year and many thanks for the e card
    it was lovely x

  4. Hi Ann!

    Sorry to hear about the sickness in the family. :( Your post today intrigued me. 12th night of that a real tradition? 'Cause it really sounds depressing for the NY. I'm glad your hands are itching to knit. Looking forward to a happier update! Happy New Year to you, friend!

  5. Happy New Year, Ann. Sorry to hear of the sickness in the family. It is indeed sad that the holidays are over - but we have an entire year of magic to look forward to. Hope all is well and happy in the year to come. Theresa

  6. Happy New Year Ann! I always think putting away the Christmas things is sad too. ((hugs))

  7. It makes me sooooo sad too Ann, but I'm going to ease the pain by starting on Christmas next month haha Judging by your last post however, I would say you work wonders under last minute pressure! Sorry to hear there is poor health in the family & wishing speedy recovery. Enjoy the knitting & do share when done x

  8. Thanks for joining the 'make a month' - looking forward to making with you! I hope you have a creative New Year love annie xxx


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