Saturday, 29 January 2011

Big Garden Birdwatch

This weekend is the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch and as a member I dutifully did my one hour watch this afternoon. I always feel a bit put out if some of my favourite birds don't visit the garden during my hour but I was very pleased to be able to record these two (one is the other side of the feeder) Lesser Redpolls - they may have visited before but I haven't noticed them if they have.

It was a beautiful sunny day today even though freezing cold. The bottom of the garden remained frost covered all day, but it was perfect weather be be outside and busy and I was able to do a bit of general tidying. I could hear lots of neighbours busy in their own gardens around about too. If the weather holds I may even have another go at the birdwatch tomorrow and see what I can see.


  1. Lovely photos Ann. I would do the RSPB watch but I don't think I am clued up enough on birds. I thought the first one you have here was a sparrow!

  2. Beautiful photos Ann! It's nice to see you getting out and about in the garden a little. I also really enjoy the birds. Take care!!

  3. Your bird pictures are so beautiful.Hope your mother is better.

  4. What a little sweetie. As you know, I do love watching birds. It's so much fuE. Enjoy! Theresa

  5. Oh you lucky thing! I thought it was rather special to be watching 8 Goldfinches fighting over the bird feeders yesterday, but a Redpoll of any type would be even more exciting! Great photo, by the way...


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