Monday, 20 December 2010

Last minute panic

Its the time of year when I always ask myself why on earth I don't just buy all my presents and cards like everyone else instead of putting myself through the last minute panic of getting everything finished before the 25th. Of course I would much rather make a gift for someone than rush around the shops grabbing things that "will do" for family and friends. But it is hard when handmade is not appreciated by everyone and something I've spent time and thought on is tossed aside with hardly a glance. However when someone really is pleased with their gift it makes all the indifference of others fade away. I'm sure all you other crafters out there feel the same so rant over! And it is partly my own fault for not being organised enough and leaving everything to the last minute every year instead of taking my own advice and starting in September - like I always mean to!
I've managed to finish and post my cards this weekend at least - and I made some items for my charity shop last week too. I really enjoyed making these Christmassy bookmarks and packaging them up attractively is almost my favourite part of the creative process now that I've collected together all this lovely stash with the help of my lovely proxy Papertrey shopper in Hawaii. All the stamps I've used on these projects are from Papertrey or Waltzingmouse Stamps. Now back to my knitting needles!


  1. It's looking a lot like Christmas at your house! I've felt exactly as you describe, but still prefer to make my own things. As you said, the occasional person who "gets it" makes up for all the others who don't! Merry Christmas, Ann!

  2. These are ALL marvelous Ann!!! I love the bookmarks with the Santa and tree, I want that set so badly! Now you just need to keep making Christmas items in January and February and you'll have a nice little stash of things set aside and ready for next Christmas ;)

  3. The bookmarks are so lovely. Please Ann don't panic......, not good for your health!!!!!
    The things you make are so GREAT, I can imagine that the receivers are happy with your presents. But starting a bit earlier is not a bad thing.Yesterday i sewed already little pouches for the market this summer..... But we don't give Christmas presents so that's the difference.
    I wish you and those you love peaceful christmas with lots of love !!!
    Hugs Baukje

  4. Ann I love all of these - especially the background on the cards. Isn't it funny I always put my ribbon at the bottom of the bookmarks!
    Years ago someone I know cross stitched a piece of work for a present, when she next went to their house it was in the dog's basket/bed!!!! Most people love and "get" handmade I am glad to say.

  5. Just love those cards abd bookmarks.
    Hope you have a very Happy Christmas.

  6. I knew you were cooking up something good. And I was soooooo wrong! You were cooking LOTS, and LOTS of fabulousness!!!!!! Look at those adorable cards, and the amazing details on the bookmarks, and those sachets and the, wow, WOW!!! I love them all, Ann. Now, sit back...relax, sip some tea and enjoy all the wonderful compliments to come. :o)

  7. These are such lovely gifts! Thank you for sharing these beautiful cards and bookmarks, and sachets - wow! You have been very busy! Now I hope you can sit back and enjoy a magically enchanting holiday! :) Theresa PS Thank you so very much for your e-card!!!

  8. I sooo know the feeling, but all the effort was really worth it, these are just stunning!

  9. Well Ann you got more done than I did in that last minute rush. :) Everything looks beautiful!! I'm inspired by your bookmarks. I think it will be a great project for some New Year treats for a few friends. I hope you are having a lovely holiday season.


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