Sunday, 23 January 2011

Signs of the Seasons

My crafting time has been severely cut over the past few weeks as my Mum has been seriously ill and I've been away from my crafty stash for much of the time. So please accept my excuses, and I offer instead something to look at from the garden. Here are two welcome signs of the change of season we are all looking forward to. These tiny spikes are snowdrops pushing through the debris of winter and I like these tightly budded hazel catkins looking rather arty against the rusty roof of one of my son's slowly decaying vintage cars.

I've been stalking the bird feeders again with my camera, albeit staying warm and pointing my lens through the window. We've lots of different bird visitors and I recently lured the Goldfinches closer to the window by offering them Niger seeds - something they can't resist. They live in little flocks and I must say are very prone to squabbling. They are so pretty and really liven up the feeders - as of course do all the tits. We've have bluetits, great tits, longtail tits and coal tits visiting for peanuts and fat treats. I still have to get a good image of some feeder visitors - the very shy woodpecker, nuthatch, and the longtails - and hope to post them here when I do.

One new visitor I was delighted to see was this little female blackcap - the males do have black caps but the female's is brown. This isn't a good photo but I'm proud of her and want to show her off anyway.


  1. Its great to see these signs of spring.
    The bulbs are showing in our garden.
    Sorry to read you Mum is unwell
    Take Care.

  2. sorry to hear about your Mum ... hope things improve soon. I love your bird photos ... you must have been very patient to get those shots!

  3. We have put lots of seed around the house too and we call it the restaurant. We have our afficionados too.
    But there is a sparrow hawk in the area too :(

    OOOOOOOOooooooH! You've spotted some daffodils?
    That is really good sign!

    Come on Spring!!! We are waiting for you!

  4. Hi Ann, Your photos are great, we have no seeds for the birds because our cat is an excellent hunter. It's a pity but you cannot have everything. So I am glad that you showed us these lovely birds. I hope your mum is better... Take care . Hugs Baukje

  5. Ann it's great to see your photos! I'm sorry you aren't able to get crafty right now though. I hope your mum is improving. I'm so happy to see your signs of spring. We have several inches of snow covering our garden and yard still. Take care!! ((hugs))

  6. Sorry to hear you Mum has been so unwell. I hope she is getting better now.
    TYFS your bird pictures. I attracted goldfinches once but found they took over the garden and nothing else came! so I went back to the mixed seed.

  7. What glorious signs of spring! Thank you for sharing these. We are covered in snow and ice, with more to come. I had wished for some snow...guess it's true to be careful what you wish for! LOL Take care - Theresa

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden pictures - I can't wait for spring. Hope your Mum is feeling better.
    Carol x


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