Friday, 13 August 2010

Where is the sunshine!

The weekend is here and the forecast is not good! Its cold and windy and it should be warm and sunny - but there has been the odd moment to enjoy this week and during one of them I photographed my sunflowers in the garden. They look so sunny they just have to warm you up! I love the way they are growing up through the branches of a small apple tree that sprouted from the root of an old tree my Mum had chopped down some years ago. Its bears lovely cooking apples that my son enjoys oven baked, smothered in butter, brown sugar and golden syrup.The garden definitely knows autumn is on its way and as far as I'm concerned I'm looking forward to (hopefully) warm quiet days with cooler nights when I can draw the curtains, light a fire and enjoy some crafty time without feeling I should be doing something outside!
If this has depressed some of my summer-loving readers I apologise and to make up for it I'll be posting a little give-a-way tomorrow to try to make it up to you! Hope you can call back then.


  1. Just love when you share what is growing in your garden! I love sunflowers. They grow wild everywhere in Colorado except in my gardens! I keep trying but they just don't take hold. So thanks for the visual!

  2. Wonderful post today, Ann! I'd like to send you some of our hot steamy weather for some of your cooler temps! I, like you, can't wait for autumn to arrive! Your sunflowers are gorgeous, and I've really enjoyed your pictures today!

  3. Me again.....I forgot to say that you should use that first picture with the beautiful blue sky and make it into a card!

  4. Such lovely sunflowers!!!! I do hope that the weather forecast changes and there will be sun for the weekend. :) Theresa

  5. Beautiful sunflowers pics and those apples look yummy, paired with your discription on oven baked - mouthwatering. I am looking definatly forward to some cooler days, it has been tooo hot over here...

  6. Hi Ann, such lovely sunnflowers,you have,
    I can tell you it is raining a lot here today ,too, --thanks for your kind comments,
    and happy raining saturday.
    xo Dorthe

  7. Oh Ann, where indeed has the summer gone?! Your pics look fab, but it's another heavily grey day and raining again here in Berkshire, so not fair for the children, we are all starting to get cabin fever! Thank you for you lovely comments on my blog xx

  8. Maybe you and I could switch places! hahah... it is sunny & very, very warm here. Everyone fights to be in front of the AC...even our pets! :)

    Beautiful sunflowers! But what I'm eyeing out are those apples... hmm... homegrown apples. Can't get better than that!

  9. The colors of these sunflowers are so lovely.


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