Saturday, 14 August 2010

Thought you might like.......

I really loved Tiffany Pastor's post this morning featuring a vintage image from the fabulous Digital Two for Tuesday website. It got me thinking about all the vintage images I have collected in various forms over the years and in particular the collection of old labels for soft drinks I bought recently. They were produced by a company named Duckworth's of Manchester and from the look of them hail from the 1940s/50s.

They are so graphic and colourful I really wanted to use them on projects but of course don't want to use the originals. So I scanned them and thought some of my crafty readers might like to use some of them too. Right click to open the image and then right click again to save the full size image to your computer. You can then either print them full size and cut out, manipulate them to the size you like, or cut and paste into a digital project. I have printed them out myself and they reproduce really nicely.

And while I'm at it you might also like these pretty images from a cut-out book I bought some years ago. Its called The Jolly Miller and as well as these sweet characters there is a windmill to cut out and assemble - which of course I won't ever do. It would be such a shame to cut up such a lovely publication. Here are two of my favourite characters for your delight.

I'd love to see someone create with these images so be sure to let me know if you do. However while I'm able to share these files here on my blog, as with all file sharing they are for personal use only. Please do not post or sell the original image on the web, individually or in a group or collection.

As promised I will be posting my little give-away a bit later today so please call back.


  1. Ann, this is a wonderful post to wake up to this morning - thanks so much! First I discovered Tiffany's blog and then the wonderful digital one, thanks to you. Love these images you've shared and I would love to try and do something with them - thanks so much!

  2. Oh Ann how lovely of you- these are right up my street! thanks so much

  3. Love those labels! Thanks for sharing them with us.


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