Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A visit from the House Martins

I went out to water my tomato plants last Saturday evening and found the local House Martins had decided to visit. A large group were swooping around the back garden feeding on insects that must have been flying low that evening. This lovely experience must be my reward for putting up with all those aphids and midges this summer! I hope you can see the Martins in this video I took on my basic digital camera. You can hear them twittering too. My son also recorded them on an old cinecamera but I will have to wait until he gets round to transferring it to DVD to see it. I tried to photograph them but they were way too fast so it was really just a matter of pointing the camera, clicking and hoping for the best - this is the best!

This post is for my friend in Hawaii as she always leaves me lovely comments when I post about the garden and the things I've found there. Hope you enjoy it Yuki! I must google Hawaii to see what exotic flora and fauna you have there!

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  1. My - they are fast! How wonderful that you have had such lovely visitors. Theresa


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