Friday, 6 August 2010


Well making my WMS card last night has started me on another nostalgic trip - I couldn't resist another flick through my old Honey magazines. Most of you won't remember this publication but when I was a keen fashion student in the 60's it was my favourite. I poured over it every month. My favourite bit was Capable Kate - written as a diary page with great ideas for updating and individualising our wardrobes, mostly using the dressmaking, embroidery and needlework skills we all learned at school, and in my case at college, in those days.

So here are four pages for your amusement - I'd love to know what you think of them. I remember I was so keen at this time that I made a new outfit for almost every weekend - often from furnishing fabric, lining material or even old curtains and tablecloths! Of course there were no charity shops (thrift stores) then, which would have been my idea of heaven as an impoverished student! Its hard to realise these pages are 43 years old.... where has all that time gone! Honey is hugely collectable nowadays and rather expensive on that well-known auction site. I was lucky enough to buy these issues about 10 years ago when online collecting was in its infancy - how I wish I'd kept all my original copies.

And just to finish off this wallowing in the past, here is a scrapbook page I created some time ago from a newspaper cutting about my competition win when I was that keen fashion student - dolly daydream got me exactly right.... it was all just a daydream!

I'm linking Kate's little black dress to the Vintage Black Friday thread at The French Cupboard - black & white was de rigueur in 1967!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this Anne! I enjoyed looking at the Honey pages and I love your scrapbook page! Your photos in the dress are so sweet! :0)

  2. What a wonderful post-a little bit of fame. I always wanted to be a dress designer but never did! I love what you designed, are there two dresses? one looks like it has shorter sleeves and less detail - I can see why you won they are smashing dresses. I had scrapbooks (old kind with sugar paper) full of mag pages like this from the 70s but I got rid of them all -doh.

  3. Your posting is wonderful and I loved all of it, I think I still have my black dress that I wore 45 years ago, it was long and slinky, tee-hee. I'll have to remember to post is next month. Have a nice weekend! XOXO

  4. How wonderful for you to share this! When I was a teen, I had aspirations of going to school for fashion design. The "nearest" school was in Florida - where I really didn't want to travel. So it became only a hobby for me. Thank you for sharing your memories! Theresa

  5. Ann, these are wonderful and love hearing about your passion for making new outfits each weekend. Such wonderful memories.I also made my own clothing at that time in my life and well into my twenties... not anymore. Made my own shoes back then as well. Hard to believe I do not have one pair that I kept or any photos.

  6. I've never heard of Honey magazine but the pages you posted are soooooo very cute! I'll have to watch for this! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh yes!!!! Those were the days.

  8. How fabulous are these!!! I'm surprise to learn you were a fashion student...a very good surprise. My mom is a seamstress yet I don't even know how to thread my sewing machine. I had to ask her for instruction!!! Your page is so chic and I love the nostalgic feel to it. and yes, those styles need to come back.

  9. I just wanted to add...I went and read your other post about ordering from PTI. OMG!!! you silly girl!!! that is sooooooooooo expensive. I feel sick now. I'll not let you do that again. I was wondering why I didn't hear from you the last couple releases. I will make sure to ask you monthly!

  10. It's so nice to meet you...what a great story about your youth...I thought of my sister looking at your photos and of course, me...and home economics class...those wonderful smock tops made from the acrylic fabric {all the rage} at the time and my hip hugger big bell blue jeans worn to a silky softness. ♥ fun that time was.

    And now today the designer's are trying to reproduce that era..just isn't the same does seem that everything does come full circle.

    Thanks for the blast from the past. :0)

    I'm visiting for Vintage Black Friday...drop by! I'd love to have you visit.

    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  11. You sure gave me a blast from the past. I remember making these a-line skirts and dresses in one evening and wearing them the next day. Darling scrapbook page. Thanks for the VBF post and a trip down memory lane.

  12. Wonderful!
    How cute!
    Thank you for sharing!

  13. Oh my, I just looooooooooooove those pages!!! How cute!!!!!!!
    And thank you for sharing your scrapbook page too.


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