Thursday, 5 August 2010

This and that.....

I've a confession for my Hawaiian friend Yuki..... I ordered from PTI last month! I know - I said I would never do it as the costs are horrendous - but I really really wanted the All Booked Up set to make something for a good friend who is retiring and also for my sister who will be laid up for a couple of weeks after surgery - so I crossed my fingers and listed all (well almost all) my wooden block stamps on ebay and sold the lot! I have found I just don't use them any more as acrylic are so much more versatile and easy to work with. And with these funds I was able to order what I wanted. On Tuesday the order arrived and I have to say I'm absolutely delighted with this set. My first project is a straight copy of Nichole's countdown project and I love the way its turned out.

I have to admit that with shipping costs of £18 plus another £23 import costs at this end I felt really sick to think that I could have bought another two sets of stamps with that money but just have to remind myself that I haven't really spent anything as the money went into paypal and straight out again without actually getting to my bank at all! And I got to buy the dies I'd been wanting too. Sigh..... so I'm very happy - at least until the next release!

I haven't forgotten that I promised a giveaway in my last post and I have been working on it this week but its not finished yet. I hope to post it at the weekend. I've been busy in the garden again and had my first digging of potatoes as well as pulling some onions this week. There's lots of weeding needed but I'm still spending too much time wandering around with my camera - as you can see.
And Kyffin the cat looked so pretty sitting on the porch I just had to snap him!


  1. Oh, my, those costs are outrageous! I will think of you next time I'm grousing about shipping costs! I thought that set was wonderful too. And as always, love seeing your garden pics!!

  2. Oh Ann I feel your need for this set and am so happy for you that you could get. Your projects have turned out so beautifully.

    Can I just say your garden and Kyffin are divine (I only have a postage stamp sized garden) but dream one of having one like yours.

  3. What a cute set - love the colors! Those potatoes look delicious too!

  4. oh Ann what a price-but if you are happy that is all that matters-I am confining my PTI fix to anything I can get on ebay which is so far NIL!
    Love what you have made.

  5. I am an avid reader - so you know I am loving this set! And what yummy-looking potatoes from your garden. I'd love to know what your sweet kitty is staring at so intently...a butterfly, perhaps? Theresa

  6. Thank you for sharing, b/c I did the EXACT same thing, but, you know what I did? I decided instead of paying more for int'l postage then the set I'd buy an extra set and send it to a friend in the states and then beg her to mail me mine to New Zealand? Cheaper that way, she gets a set, I get mine.. it was a bit of funny math, but I'm still waiting for my package to arrive and now that I've seen what you've done I'm even more excited.

  7. So here we are in the same boat - i keep mouning about the shipping costs and that I then have to pay tax on top, but can't hold it as well and get my orders.... but the sets are soooo good and your projects are wonderful with it - and this is what counts at the end!
    Love you photos also - the bumbel bee is great as you cat is!!

  8. Oh, they are beautiful, Ann! I love the pix you post of your garden as well. That kitty is a beauty!

    And ouch! that is a lot of money for stamp!! Please don't ever feel bad about going into group ordering with us. I truly enjoy doing it. :)


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