Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Syrup and Treacle for tea!

A burst pipe at the weekend leaked water into my food cupboard and clearing it out yesterday revealed three tins of Golden Syrup and two tins of Black Treacle!! So I need to do some cake, biscuit and pudding making post haste as I wouldn't like to admit to the dates on the tins.

I used to make these ginger biscuits often and don't really know why I stopped. Its a Delia recipe from one of her first cookery course books I bought back in the 70s. I've always been a fan and have bought many of her books. In fact Christmas dinner this year came from her latest offering and was most successful. Anyway - these won't last long as they are as yummy as I remembered them.

Couldn't resist adding Tia Bennet's Toy Camera Frame (at 2Peas) and a bit of masking as the photo is rather blurry.


  1. Hi Anne, Happy New Year! Mmmmh, my favourites! It's funny how the syrup and treacle cans seem to build up over the course of time isn't it? To make matters worse I have a thing about holding on to the empty ones for posterity...

  2. ooh how lovely-I'll get a virtual seat and a cup of tea and join you in finishing those off LOL!

  3. I love ginger biscuits & those look mouthwatering good! Actually looks like a picture out of a glossy recipe book :) Sorry to hear about the pipe - hope it's not too much hassle fixing xxx


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