Tuesday, 5 January 2010

In Memory of my Gorgeous Cat

Yesterday was not a good one - the ice was thick on the ground, it was several degrees below zero all day, my bathroom sink was frozen solid and my lovely cat took a turn for the worse. I had to ask the vet to put him to sleep as he was becoming more distressed as the day went on. So after having four cats for many years I'm now down to one. My only consolation is that they all lived to a good age and enjoyed life right up to the end.


  1. Ann I am so sorry to hear about your cat - it is 3 years this week since I had to make the same decision about my dog.
    thinking of you

  2. A sweet page for a sad occasion...

  3. Oh Ann I'm so sorry! I know too well the pain of losing a cat (I used to have 4 myself) Such a lovely layout you've created for a beauitful tribute - that's a gorgeous picture of you cat.

  4. Sad times Anne. I missed my beautiful Majic-Cat for years and still do, despite the fact that we've had many others in between times - all of which I've loved to bits. You've created a lovely tribute to him and will always treasure the years enjoyed together...

  5. That is the hardest thing to have to do. We recently had to put our elderly cat down, too. Very sad. We have two kittens now, and although we miss our cat (Newman), we know it was his time and the kittens are bringing us so much joy. Your cat's name is totally sweet.

  6. You have my warmest sympathy. He looks gorgeous :-)


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