Sunday, 10 January 2010

Excuse the Grunge

The grainy images I'm getting using my old pencam are the perfect excuse for grungy scrapbook pages. I love the effect you can get using masks and overlays and I've used both on this page - another mask from Vinnie Pearce and an overlay from Rhonna Farrar.

We stopped at the top of the hill to view the sunset when coming home the other day. I didn't expect the pencam to cope with the sun going down but one or two of the photos have an atmosphere I really like. A strange thing - the actual disc of the sun came out black where it was captured in the frame and I had to edit the black pixels out!

Tonight the snow seems to be thawing a bit and a huge lump just fell of the roof making me jump out of my skin! Is this just a short respite? I've already had two burst pipes and have used a mountain of coal and logs trying to keep warm! And I'm sure all the wildlife and the sheep out in the fields can't wait for some green instead of white. But there's something about the landscape under snow that always enchants.


  1. Great layout, thanks for sharing the snow scenes. Is it you bidding against me on Papertrey items on ebay???!
    Linby x

  2. It is amazing how those poor sheep survive. I suppose there are no wild birds left. But I am sure they appreciate your seeds at The Nooke. Great page as usual Ann. How am I ever to compete?! Love to the 'gentleman farmer' see you soon I hope.


  3. Just popping in to catch up on your Blog & to wish you a Happy New Year :)
    Hope you're well Ann
    Love Steph xxx

  4. Ooh, I love this page and will have to get on and give digital another try soon. It's great to see what other people do with what's on offer, very inspirational...

    Seriously love the light effect on the snow in the foreground of that photo, it's just magical!


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