Monday, 24 February 2014

Daffy Down Dilly

Its St David's Day on Saturday next here in Wales and I've been busy with my crochet hook and our national flower - the daffodil.  When I was little we were more likely to make paper leeks, the other emblem of Wales.  They were easy - a roll of white paper crayoned green at the top, fringed carefully with a scissors and attached to your jumper with a safety pin.  We made them in school and there was usually an Eisteddfod too. 

I don't know whether its coincidence but the Macmillan Cancer Support charity, whose emblem is also the daffodil, usually has a fund raising period at this time of year - is it just in Wales?  I don't know.  However a couple of people asked whether I would be making daffodils following on from my Remembrance Sunday poppy making marathon last year.  And I thought why not.   I've made about 30 so far, which will make a nice little sum for the charity if they are all sold.

And luckily the earliest daffs in the garden have decided its time to come out too - always a joyful sight.  It won't be long before every town and village in the UK is decorated with daffodils on verges and roundabouts but the first in my garden are always special and are duly recorded with my camera.


  1. Well done! What does Diolch mean? We have masses of daffodils out along the verges here in Somerset now.

    1. Thank you.... diolch means thanks - sometimes we say diolch yn fawr (big thanks) or diolch yn fawr iawn (very big thanks)!! :) pronounce dee - ol - ch..... ch is hard to explain if you aren't used to Welsh - its a bit a whisper in your throat. If you really really want to know there's this:

  2. It will be a few more weeks before my daffs bloom in the garden but I did spot grape hyacinths coming out in flower. Your Crochet daffodils are fabulous. About to try my first crocheting in a long while as I have seen a Mothers Day card to make which incorporates it. hugs Mrs A.

  3. Wow - these are amazing. I can hardly wait until I see these spring beauties popping up on the local landscape! I admire your crocheting skills.

  4. The crochet daffodils look so effective and I love that you have made different varieties too! The daffs in your garden give a lovely touch of colour. Mine are still in bud!

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