Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nordic/FairIsle Shawl Finished!

I've finished my Nordic Shawl - I was hoping to finish it during our short break away two weeks ago but it didn't happen.  I found the shawl pattern on Annette's gorgeous blog My Rose Valley and it seems to have become rather an obsession with many crocheters.  I'm a bit obsessed myself and am already planning my next shawl.

The original pattern uses double knit but I was determined I was not going to buy yarn for my shawl as my stash mountain is threatening to take over my small craft room!  But I didn't have enough of anything suitable to be the main colour, ie 250gms.  So I decided to make my shawl using this vintage 2ply fair isle wool I bought some years ago in a charity shop.  Its a lovely silvery grey - but of course is much finer than double knit!

So I had to add lots of extra rows and stitches to the pattern - which in case you need to know, was absolutely no problem at all apart from it taking a lot more time to complete my shawl.  The colours for the striped panel were also skeins of various 2ply and 3ply yarns I've collected.

So I'm rather pleased with my shawl - its a cosy extra layer to put on when I'm sitting still crafting either over my shoulders or on my knees, and I'm very glad I went with the vintage yarn option.  My next shawl will be in double knitting however and I have a summery version in mind. 

Do take a look at Annette's blog - even if you are not a fan of crochet it will make your mouth water!


  1. That looks beautiful. I wear a crocheted shawl around the house a lot in the winter and have just finished one in fine sock yarn for the summer as I find having something to just cover the shoulders and back of the neck so useful whatever the weather. I must look into getting that pattern as yours is much more professional a design than mine and I want one like it too!

  2. Wow, so lovely . Me too i am a fan of Annette's blog. Her flower is on my wishlist too. And she is such a sweet person. I am looking forward to see your summerversion......

  3. Dear Ann
    Thank you for sharing this with me. How clever to use up some yarn from your stash. This is the first one I have seen that is in a lighter color theme. Grey seem to be a trend for this shawl. So many, including myself, have chosen grey for the base. Yours are more authentic and light though as it is fair isle wool. I love it and was just wondering today what this shawl would look like in a creamy white or light pastel color... Be proud and I really hope you will enjoy wearing your shawl. If you don't mind I would love to add your shawl to my Nordic Shawl potpurri I'm planning. I will link to your page of course. It would be a great addition to share for everyone who still hasn't chosen their color theme yet.

    All the best
    My Rose Valley

  4. your shawl looks pretty in the wools you used. I like the lacy edging. I have a a crochet blanket that The Doc's Aunt gave me which I put over my lap when I get cold. It is surprising how warm it can keep you. I don't notice till I get up to move or stretch and it falls to the floor.! Hope you are keeping dry and wrm in this frequent bad weather we are having which is fast becoming the norm. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. It's lovely. You are so talented Ann and I love seeing the things you make. x

  6. What gorgeous, even work Ann, and I love the lacy edging. So professional looking and such a bonus that you could use some of your stash for it.
    Carol x

  7. Hello, I just discovered your Nordic Shawl. I love your soft colour scheme and the wool you have used. I love the soft grey too, it goes with so many things! Well done for the end result! Sandra


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