Saturday 1 December 2012

Remember November

 November seems to have been a very dark month and my page has turned out quite dark too - but I can see quite a bit of red in there..... just hinting that Christmas is on its way to brighten and cheer us all up.  And as promised I've picked a winner of the little Christmas tree stamp and die from Wplus9 - its number 8 - yes you Carol!  AKA Inkyfingers - a prolific card maker, I know these goodies will be put to good use.  I haven't found your email Carol so I do hope you see this and send me your address.

And I've an update on the little bridge I reported on in my last post too.  I did go back the next day and it was still there.  I couldn't get up close as the field had been closed off by the council so I took the photo from the road.  As you can see the water level had dropped considerably in just 24 hours but I suppose we'll have to wait and see if its still possible to cross the river safely.

Oh, and just one more thing - can anyone tell me how to dissuade my cat from chewing my knitting needles!  Yes, I know I could just move them from the windowsill, but I like to see them there - and so does Jess too!


  1. I recognize the bridge, Ann, such a poetic photo! As for the chewing, try putting a drop of scented citrus or lavender oil on the top of the needles - cats hate the smell of it.

  2. Congratulations to Carol on winning such a lovely prize. Jess looks adorable! You could put a cover over the needles but I guess that would detract from their attractiveness!

  3. Hi Anne,
    Thanks so much for choosing me for the lovely stamp and die. I've emailed my address to you and will start to look for happy post! Its good to see the water level receding and I hope you have a dry spell so the ground can dry out a little.
    I always enjoy your month in review pictures and I think I see you at a Christmas workshop that looks fun. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Carol x

  4. If the scented oils don't work, there's a product here in the states called 'Bitter Apple Spray' that a vet told me about..may be available in the U.K. and it's saved many a pet from electrocuting themselves on wires and saved some cat lives, when they've been all too interested in my knitting needles &/or knitting!! It isn't harmful to the animal and doesn't damage textiles....Hope the bridge is still sound and I'm glad you are dry!


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