Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas 1968 - and Merry Christmas!

A Very Happy Christmas to all my blog friends - I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry New Year!

I've just time to manage one last vintage Christmas post - this one from Honey magazine December 1968.  And yes, all those "young, gay and get-ahead" trendy young things (me included!) were being crafty even then!  And in case there are still one or two last minute gifts to wrap or cards to give here's an idea or two for a swinging Christmas 60s style.

In this issue, as well as fashion and make-up advice for looking your very best for the festive party season, ideas for presents, romantic stories and yes, hints on how to get your man, inside there was even a papercrafting gift.  I've had a go at making the man-you-want-for Christmas paper mobile but I was doing it late at night and in a hurry (as always!) so its not perfect.  Perhaps you can do better.

Four 60s favourite men are gifted here - Dustin Hoffman, Donovan, Michael Cane and Christopher Jones.  You've seen these optical mobiles before I'm sure.  Just print out on copypaper, cut out, stick back to back and score zig-zag style - I used my score board.

There are another four pin-up men on another page and if one happens to be your vintage favourite I can scan it if you wish to have him hanging over your bed or laptop - Hywell Bennett, David Hemmings, Terence Stamp and Steve McQueen.

There are even some paper dolls dressed of course in the height of 60s fashion - here are two: Gypsy Rose Raver and Jenny Jones Harlow!  Oh happy memories of my youth.  I seem to remember I even enjoyed the odd Christmas party or two in 1968 - I was just 20 years old and compared to girls of the same age today, very naive, but I think we all were unless you shared a flat in "Swinging 60s London" - something we all aspired to!  But of course it was just fantasy.

I hope you've enjoyed my glimpses of Christmases past.  I'd like to thank all my faithful blogger band for encouraging me in my ramblings during 2012.  Here's to a Healthy, Peaceful and Happy 2013!


  1. You have transported me back in time. Oh happy days! Merry Christmas Ann. Hope you are enjoying the festivities . Hugs Mrs A.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment - its hugely appreciated. Ann :o)


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