Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stormy Weather

I did want to walk by the river today as I'm looking for the perfect fallen branch to paint white and use as a Christmas tree.  You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find just the right shape and size.  However when I saw how angry the river was I decided not to risk crossing the bridge and came  home to get on with some more cereal box tree decorations instead.  I got out my Nestabilities hearts and stars and added in some Wplus9 die cuts and stamps, old sheet music, kraft cardstock - plus a few rhinestones coloured with my Copics.

I do hope the little bridge survives as its been there as long as I can remember and probably long before that too.  I'll have to visit again tomorrow to make sure its still there.

I'm not complaining about my aborted walk as many houses have been flooded in our small town today.  You can see from the two photos how the river has swollen in the night.  I've never seen the water as high as this before and the usually quiet and slow flowing river I photographed in Spring  has turned nasty, flooded the housing estate you can see in the distance, the park and fields around. These poor sheep have almost been marooned in a small space at the bottom of their field.

Luckily I live in the old part of the town near the church which was built on top of a hill - there are some advantages to living on higher ground even if I do complain about toiling up and down with my shopping.  Hopefully the river won't rise any further tonight - though there is a worry about more water pouring off the hills that surround us.

Supplies: Wplus9 Folkart Flurries stamp set, Seasonal Sentiments die collection, Nestabilities basic hearts and basic stars


  1. Amazing the picture of that bridge and the swollen water!!! Here weather is still calm , a bit chilly; I hope your village will survive all the rain!!

  2. Oh my goodness Anne, I can't believe how swollen the river is there! You see it on the news but don't see the previous levels, I hope you stay safe, and those poor people who have been flooded in their homes and businesses. Not the sort of thing you want at any time of the year, but even worse now with the run up to christmas and the cold setting in.

    Great little festive ornaments you created, I get lots of cereal containers too, I should use them more!

  3. Oh, such a frightening sight at the river :(
    Stay safe!

    I love your pretty ornaments.

  4. That really makes one realise just how much rain we've had doesn't it? Glad you are safe up the hill and like you we too live on a hill and I won't complain again about how steep it is!! Love the decorations.

  5. Lovely decorations - Hope the water soon subsides

  6. There are so many pictures of swollen rivers and flooded fields yet it's hard not to be moved by them when the water continues to threaten homes and the places we love. Fingers crossed your little bridge holds out - it looks so fragile with all that water behind it!

    Your decorations are lovely.

  7. What lovely ornaments you created, Ann! We have seen quite a few swollen rivers here this year. There was a hurricane or "super storm" as they called it earlier this year and it destroyed some of our coastal towns. I hope that little bridge survives, too. It is so sad when special landmarks perish at the hands of Mother Nature. Hope you have been well and enjoy the holiday season!


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