Monday, 3 September 2012

My Life in Photos: Alien!

It is an alien species and according to the RHS is a pest at best and a threat to our native flora at worst.  I saw quite a few clumps of it along the river bank when I walked the footpath on Saturday.  And you must admit its rather a strange, almost unearthly looking flower.  But it seems the bees and other insects don't mind it's looks or it's parentage.  Lots were entering that inviting mouth to see what they could find!


  1. Love the photo! It is pretty but such a shame it is so invasive.

  2. It is very pretty and exotic looking even if it is an alien!!! :-)

  3. It's a very pretty colour for an alien though! Helps to attract the insects I suppose :) Thanks for your lovely comments regarding my Penny Black gig Ann....have to admit I'm struggling with my mojo at the moment - hope it passes quickly! xxx


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