Saturday, 14 July 2012

More felt!

Well its been rather a fraught week - two airport runs, busy days at work, more heavy rain and blocked drains, and....... this

I can just hear you all saying awwwwwwwwe! We found this little kitten UNDER the bonnet of a neighbour's car on Tuesday and yes, he looks very sweet, but my ancient blind cat Sausage certainly did not appreciate being play pounced on every five minutes, nor did he like his food being pinched from right under his nose.  Keeping them apart was not an easy job!  But there was a happy ending tonight when his owners were found, peace descended once more for Sausage and he could sleep easy in his bed.  He was a sweetie though!

However  I did have a little time for some craftiness during the week when this delicious bag of plant dyed organic wool felt scraps arrived from my favourite on line shop Myriad. I just had to try out a few more felt brooch designs.  I used PTIs Strawberry Patch dies to cut a strawberry shape and added some glass beads and embroidery for this stick pin.  And of course I couldn't stop at just one and tried a few other dies.  They are definitely an addiction.


  1. Glad the story had a happy ending - what a good job your neighbour didn't start the car!! Lovely little felt creations too.

    1. Eek yes! But we took him to the vet's to see if he had been chipped and the vet said her mother's cat had once survived a trip under the bonnet!

  2. Glad there was a happy ending. Sausage needs a treat - not sure what you give cats as a treat though...........
    Your brooches look really lovely.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. The pouches look fabulous! So happy the little kitty is now home with his owners. And I'm sure Sausage is purring happily too.

  4. You're so right Ann - I did say aaaaawww when I saw the kitten and I'm so pleased at the happy outcome and that your poor cat can get back to ruling the roost! I love your gorgeous felties and your presentation of of them is fabulous. I bet they go like hot cakes at your craft fairs.

  5. Ooooh... I can't decide which are cuter, the kitty or those adorable pouches!!! LOVE your post.... Thanks for sharing that happy story. But I'm glad Sausage is able to get his territory back. :)


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