Monday, 23 July 2012

Bodnant Garden

We are lucky enough to have Bodnant Garden close enough to visit easily in an afternoon so my sister and I picked a day last week when rain was not on the forecast.  It did rain, but only as we were leaving.  Its a large and most beautiful garden looked after by the National Trust and it's army of  hardworking volunteer gardeners.
We usually visit in spring as we always want to see the Laburnum Arch, but I think the garden is even better in high summer - the borders were just gorgeous and stuffed full of fabulous plant combinations. I loved this combination of ruby coloured scabious and rose campion (Lychnis) with the lilies.

As you can imagine, we (and all the other visitors) couldn't stop taking pictures.  I'm so glad digital cameras have been invented and I don't have to limit myself to a film of 36 photos - half of which would probably be no good.

I could fill two or three posts with images of beautiful plants, flowers and views but that would be a bit repetitive.  However I can't resist just a few more photos............................


  1. What a heavenly place! I agree with you about digital. How did we ever take picture at place like this with a photo limit?!?!

  2. Wow, those pics are just glorious Ann. That lily border is beautiful!


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