Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I don't belieeeeeeeve it!

Today leaden skies, blizzards on the hill, freezing snow, sleet and rain blowning horizontally across the fields and streets.  Last week blossom, butterflies, birdsong and paddling in the river with little fish.  That's British weather for you! 

Oh Spring, where have you gone?  Time for a treat I think..... waffles, greek yogurt and bottled cherry plums from last year's garden harvest.

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  1. My son sent a photo today of his back garden in Leeds covered in about 2 inches of snow!!! My daugther had snow where she is too but it had melted by the evening. We have a hose pipe ban now in our county. Started at 12pm this evening. There is no way I'm letting the newts in my pond dry out so the watering can it will have to be!!!! Hugs Mrs A.


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