Saturday, 7 January 2012

Winter Beaches

The beach in winter....... its COLD!  But I love to walk there, and although it looks empty in my scrapbook page, there were a few other walkers even though it was late in the day and getting dark.  Have to admit though that most of them were walking their dogs.

We noticed this really strange effect of the wind on the shells and pebbles in the sand.  It reminds me of lots of those little mudskipper fish I've seen in natural history programmes on TV.

We had to stop in Sainsbury's cafe on the way home to warm up with tea and a danish pastry!


  1. What gorgeous photos! I, too, love going to the beach in winter. I thought I was the only one! LOL I much prefer walking the sands when it is quiet and there are not many people - for beach combing and just enjoying the quiet.

  2. Happy New Year Ann. Love the beach photos. At least the water is still moving and not frozen solid. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful pictures Ann, you really have a talent for photography & your digital page makes me wishful for a stroll along the beach (followed by a danish & cuppa lol) *happy sigh* xxx

  4. Oh my, this is so perfect. I would walk with you and admire those lovely sand waves, I I close my eyes I could imagine the freshness coming from the sea.

  5. Stunning photos Anne, I love the fresh feel, it does look cold!
    So glad you got a coffee and danish at Sainsbury's!


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