Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ongoing projects.... and on and on and on!

I'm ashamed to say I've been knitting this pullover for at least 18 months! It was supposed to be my son's Christmas present 2010!  I didn't really pick it up at all during 2011 but found a new enthusiasm for it in the New Year and have finished the back and threequarters of the front.  So I'm well on the way now and want to get it done. 

Another project on the go is finding the perfect crochet heart pattern.  So far this one and this one are my favourites.  Both are similar and in the amigurami style, but one is worked from the top down and the other from the bottom up.  The loops are my own addition as I want to turn the hearts into keyrings, phone charms or fill them with lavender to hang in a wardrobe.  I might want to add some surface decoration too - a bit of embroidery, felt shapes or perhaps wooden beads.

Promise I'll show some finished projects before too long!!


  1. i think the red heart is my favourite xx

  2. No stress, the pullover shall be finished one day........ The crocheted hearts are adorable......

  3. You do make me laugh Ann! It will be worth the wait I'm sure :) How delightful are those hearts? When the children start boarding & I have (even more lol) time on my hands I am so going to learn to knit & crochet (& start cross stitching again which I LOVED)....I can already picture my Christmas tree decorated with red & white crocheted hearts in different sizes! x

  4. Oh those hearts are just so sweet! :) I take forever when working on larger knitting projects, myself. It's not that I get bored with it - I just start itching to do other things, too!!!! I know it will come out lovely!


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