Thursday, 12 January 2012

Busy Busy Bee!

This is a post I should have written before Christmas - but guess what, I didn't get round to it!  I want to show off my favourite Christmas 2011 gift - this absolutely wonderful tote my dear blog friend Baukje made for me.  Isn't it fabulous! I just adore the colours of the gorgeous fabric and the shape and size is just perfect for my latest 'work in progress'.  I decided against using it as an everyday tote as I don't want it to get knocked about with daily travelling and shopping trips.  So I'll keep it especially for my crafty projects and enjoy it all the more as I'll be getting it out whenever I sit down to do something I love.
Baukje writes one of my favourite blogs, Busy Bee Free, and never was there a blog more aptly named.  She is one of the most prolific crafters I have come across, sewing up quilts by the dozen, knitting beautiful shawls in a matter of days and producing many other beautifully crafted items for family and friends and her stall at a local market.  So I wasn't surprised when Baukje wrote her New Year post about Japanese origami paper cranes and the story behind them, and then offered 10 hand folded origami paper cranes to each of her readers.  Mine arrived today and I've hung them in a circle around the light above my computer by tying them to an old wooden embroidery hoop.  I'll think of my kind friend when I look at them and remember the hope of peace for the world.  I'd like to try folding them myself and found this excellent demonstration on Youtube.


  1. That is truly such a lovely tote! Your friend is quite talented. I've always wanted to try origami - but it looks to be so complicated! Thanks for sharing that little video!

  2. It would appear you talented lot run in the same circles then ;) You are a very lucky lady, this is beautiful & the perfect craft bag - would be inspiring just to look at it! Have a great day Ann x

  3. Great tote! And origami cranes look lovely around the lamp.

  4. you have a very talented friend!! what a beautiful gift to receive!

  5. This is a stunning bag! Lucky you!


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