Saturday, 28 January 2012

Signs of Spring

A cold but sunny Saturday morning brings thoughts of a change in the season and signs of Spring on its way in the garden.  To celebrate I bought these seeds at our local bargain basement shop yesterday.  There are lots of disadvantages to being a gardener - wet feet, all that back-breaking toil and those slimy garden pests! - but we are an optimistic lot, planting and sowing in the hope of good things to come.

I may not quite get the results shown on the front of these seed packets but for a small outlay I can look forward to sowing the seeds on some warm Spring day not too distant, and dream of a carpet of blooms in the garden this summer.

And while surfing the net this morning I found a new to me stamp shop, Make the Day Special.  I fear I may be spending much time and money here in the future!  However today I was restrained and ordered just one stamp set from Flourishes.  I just love these realistic looking bees and when they arrive can create some summery projects at my craft desk whilst I wait to hear that friendly buzzing in the garden again.


  1. Beautiful, Ann - you've started my day with a big smile!!

  2. Beautiful early signs of spring Ann, and that stamp set looks gorgeous........I would love to have a go at stamping, but fear it may be a bit too expensive to start up.

  3. Oh wow, I can't believe you have crocus growing already!
    I keep stalking Make The Day.. but haven't ordered yet, I just love these flourishes stamps.

  4. Looking forward to spring - great pictures.

  5. Hi Ann, I also have some snowdrops peeping out of the grass. But for this coming week wheatherforecats talks about frost and snow!!!!!! Love those bees, would be lovely for a postcard.

  6. What lovely pictures Ann. Our snowdrops are out but we have yet to see crocus. You have inspired me to brave the cold and snap some photos. I love your gorgeous Valentines projects. The brooches are beautiful and I love the packaging.

  7. I am longing for spring Anne & these beautiful pictures have just intensified my longing lol I really enjoyed your valentine's post, Dean & I refuse to be drawn into all the commercialism surrounding this particular holiday - a card & a kiss is enough for me :) x

  8. Oh I love your flowers! We had some primroses in the garden, but my girls ate them :o) Kids...
    Your post today was like reading my mind. I need to go to the store to buy wild flower seeds and I will plant them in our garden. I love wild flowers and I'm looking forward to lovely bunches my girls will bring inside this summer.


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