Thursday, 22 September 2011

Two birth days

 Thought you might like to see my baby gift for Gruffydd Tomos. These two are my versions of Madame Chantilly's CUTE bears. After finishing Blue Bear I thought I must make something for Gruffydd's 4 year old brother too so Brown Rabbit appeared. Simple toys that can take a lot of punishment and I hope will be loved.

My brother in law also had a birthday recently. He loves his cycling and I found this perfect letterpress card for him at Little Red Press on Folksy. I love the look of letterpress but a machine is a BIG investment - and, yes, I know, I'm already spending way too much on papercrafting! So I'll content myself with buying beautiful letterpressing like this - I've already seen the perfect card for my son who has just turned into a biker!
As usual I was rather late putting my gift together as it had to be posted, but Hannah at Little Red Press did me proud and I recieved my card the next day!!  And not only that I found she had included this lovely bookmark too. So I was really pleased with my gift and hope the cyclist was too.


  1. How cute are those bear and rabbit!!!! And I am sure your brother will be very happy with this beautiful card.

  2. Ann, I absolutely LOVE your Blue Bear and Brown Cat. They remind me very much of some of the childhood toys that my sisters and I played with. Between us we had a very large family of little Bears, Cats and Mice. You should see my post from about a year ago.

  3. Thank you Ann. Had lots of these books as a child but not seen this one before. Nice card too!

    Love Pete

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning my card, Ann and photographing it on a Ladybird book too - they always make me so nostalgic! Absolutely love your bear and rabbit,btw - what lucky little boys!

  5. I just love these sweet little bears! Gorgeous!


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