Saturday, 17 September 2011

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

.......if you were to look into the crafty spaces of all us makers anyway! At this time of year I start dreaming up plans for my Christmas gift making and it always sounds perfectly possible.... but no matter how organised I think I am, its always Christmas week before I realise it and late nights are required! I have made a few more Christmas List note pads for my next craft fair as they seemed to go down well at the last one.

I managed to get to a car boot sale last Sunday and found some lovely Christmas sheet music for only 30p each! I know White Christmas is the number one classic Christmas musical, and I do love it, but my very favourite is Holiday Inn. I have it on VHS and have watched it literally dozens of times over the years. Who doesn't love Fred's dancing, Bing's crooning and all those glamorous 40's Hollywood dresses and film sets...... I think I'll watch it again tonight!
I also found this 1950s biscuit tin at the boot sale. Perfect for storing Christmas cards until I'm ready to post them. Its in lovely condition - no rusty bits. I made the peg dolls you can see in the photo years ago for work colleagues - I seem to remember I was inspired by photos I'd seen in Country Living magazines. They were easy to copy using dolly pegs bought at our local ironmongers and bits and pieces I already had in my crafty stash. Click on the photo to enlarge and you'll find it easy to create your own versions - which I'd love to see.


  1. Oh Ann, what a lovely post that biscuit tin is to die for. I never saw those pegs, great gifts!!! Maybe it's an idea to make them with my gardenclub. What kind of glue did you use?
    But first I have to find those pegs.....
    I see you also are on Pinterest, I just discovered it, will make a blogpost about. Have a nice weekend, hugs Baukje

  2. Oooh look at those finds Ann - great stuff, especially the biscuit tin! You are far more organised than me and have spurred me on to make a start on my craft fair things :D

    Hope your goodies arrived safely.

  3. Lovely cards and great finds Ann. I love Holiday Inn too - not many people know of it these days. I upgraded my copy to a dvd a few years ago.

  4. These are lovely Christmas List pads Ann and I'm sure they'll be a big hit. I have White Christmas, the B&W Miracle on 34th Street and Holiday Inn. My daughter and I always have a Christmas film fest in December when the weather is bad and we can curl up and enjoy!
    Carol x

  5. Love that Santa Ann - where did you find it? You have given me lots of those pegs over the years and they always look fab on the tree.

  6. Oh my Christmas!!! LOL Something my mind hasn't even thought about yet! Love your holiday goodies!!! :)


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