Monday, 5 September 2011

Sunsets and Naked Ladies

Did my post title catch your eye! There was a beautiful sunset here tonight - the room was suddenly filled by this wonderful pink light so I ran up to the attic with my camera to capture it. I've dozens of sunset pictures but only a few sun rises.... I wonder why :o)

And I found the first Autumn Crocus (Colchicums) flowers in the garden this weekend - they are also known as Naked Ladies as they appear out of the earth without their leaves - which come in the spring and then die down before the flower emerges.  The bulbs will also flower on a windowsill - without any soil. Just place in a saucer with a little water. When the flower fades you can plant the bulb in the garden and enjoy them again and again.

Please remember that the bulbs and flowers are poisonous - keep away from children and pets.


  1. Great sunset Ann. I will have to send you some of mine from Turkey. Speak again soon


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