Monday, 26 September 2011

Wild Flower Meadow?

In early summer I bought a packet of "Wild Flower Meadow" seeds from our local bargain basement shop. It was late to be sowing annual seeds but I had nothing to lose - well only 50p anyway - so I scattered them in a small patch that was bare apart from a few self-sown daisies and alyssum. 

And now in early Autumn I've a patch filled with Cornflowers, Californian Poppies, Love-in-a-Mist, Pot Marigolds.....
.......a few things I know but can't name, and a couple of plants that are new to me.  Like this lovely blue flower I've been trying to identify on line - it could be Stickseed - a plant from the USA! 
 And with the Californian Poppies too I'm starting to think that's where the seed packet came from!

Its not really what I was expecting a wild flower meadow to look like - but never mind, its very pretty anyway and I'll enjoy watching what appears next year.

I'll collect some of the seeds to scatter again next spring and I'm hoping some will self-seed too...
....but I'm tempted to pick these Love-in-a-Mist seed pods to have in the house!

If the forecast is correct, we're in for an Indian Summer this week so I may even see something new flowering.


  1. How pretty it all looks. Wonder if the promised soaring temperatures will materialise and what about the forecast snow next month?! Climate gone mad eh?

  2. How fun! I've often wondered whether these mixed seeds work, but after seeing your pictures, I'll try one sometime, too! I have no idea what that lovely blue flower is - could it be some kind of delphinium? There's something called Butterfly Blue that is diminutive like that, I think? Thanks for sharing, Ann!

  3. Your wonderful photos capture the flowers beautifully. Gorgeous selection of colours. I never have much luck sowing wild meadow packets so thanks for sharing yours. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Oh how beautiful!!!! I just love wildflower mixes. The blue flower reminds me of a forget-me-knot. :) We planted a few seeds late, too, but we are now enjoying them into the fall. :)

  5. wonderful photos ,,nydelig bildee,, klem Marit.

  6. These flowers are so pretty, they will reseeding year after year and will only look better with time!

  7. Beautiful photos, nice colours!

  8. What a fantastic "wild" flower meadow!! I think I´ll try to sow such seeds next summer!

  9. Just sent off the latest little dress and used 3 more of your crochet flowers. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Nice photos.

    Regards and best wishes


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