Friday, 20 May 2011


I'm going along with Lisa's new Card Photo Tutorial series and here's my results for Experiment #1 - photograph a white card in new locations with the white balance on auto. I have to admit I'm lazy and tend to leave my camera on auto almost all the time and get Photoshop to enhance once I've downloaded my photos. However here they are in their raw state. I've taken the photos (from left to right) on the mantlepiece with the sun shining directly on the card; on the table in the same room with sun shining in; in the bathroom near the window early evening when the room is at its brightest; and on the bathroom windowsill angled outwards into the garden.

I like the third one best (but I couldn't resist a tiny tweek and a crop here!) taken in the bathroom near the window on top of the toilet cistern. I'll be using this location again - the only problem is the slanting surface. On the widowsill was good too but I was afraid the card would blow away! The sunshine in the living room gave the card a pink tinge and although the second photo was good the prisms I have hanging in the window cast a shadow in the photo even though I couldn't see it when I was clicking.

A bit of a boring post if you are not into photography - but a good exercise for me.


  1. They all look pretty good to me, Ann. :) Photography is hard - especially when it comes to shooting your crafty goods. By the way, I took a look inside your Folksy shop. SO many pretty things there!!! :) Theresa

  2. How fun using different lightings - I never move my camera off 'auto' I know I should read up on it!! love this sweet cas card too!

  3. Ann, I drop in now and again to catch up with your antics and am never disappointed! I love your crafty stuff, garden pics and birdy pics so it's always worth a visit...

    Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial though as taking better pics of my cards has been something I was hoping to cover at some time in the near future and you've just found the right starting point for me!!!


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