Sunday, 8 May 2011

In London with Eva

If you are reading this I expect you will also have many friends made on the internet you never expect to meet in person. In the old days we had "penfriends" in foreign lands and I remember the excitement of the postman bringing a letter with a strange stamp on it. But today contact with like-minded people in many lands is possible and with just a mouse click you can find a friend thousands of miles away with exactly the same views, interests or values as yourself.
I met up with such a friend for the first time in London on Friday. She was over here for a week to carry out research at the British Library, but took a day off to be a tourist with me. We had a lovely though tiring day. Our on-the-spot decision to take a trip on the London Eye took up most of the afternoon as there was quite a queue for tickets - however it was so worth it as we really enjoyed the experience.

But although a day out in the city is something to be enjoyed once in a while, I'm so thankful to come home to the relative peace and quiet of our small market town in North Wales - as distant from London as Eva's home in Denmark!

A wander in the evening garden could not be further away from the heat, noise and dust of those busy city streets! And here is a photo of apple blossom in the garden last week (already falling like snow) for all Mothers celebrating today. We celebrated Mothering Sunday here in the UK at the beginning of April.


  1. What fun! Thanks for sharing your day! :) Theresa

  2. Beautiful layout Ann, love how you have picked out the dominant colours (blue, sand, brick) and used them for your text. What fab weather you had too!

    Thanks for your lovely comments, I too listened to the KB interview last week - far too short for my liking!! She will be on Radio 2 this morning from 9.30 so I'll be tuning in! I am a bit of a mad Kate Bush fan, and I love the re-worked single.
    Pauline xx

  3. Such amazing LOs! I like how they capture a glimpse of lots of things. I especially like how you added text around the border... made me want to turn my comp around to read them! Haha... :)

  4. I also am so very happy to live in the French countryside, so calm, so green and so many flowers and birds.


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