Sunday, 1 May 2011

Happy May Day

I'm sure we have all been safely casting our "clouts" this week as the May (hawthorn) has been out in the garden for a few days now. It really is a beautiful blossom and at this time of year it covers the roadside hedgerows around here, putting me in mind of May Queens or spring brides.

Re-reading "Little Grey Rabbit's May Day" this morning it seems we should have been out early gathering flowers with May-dew on their petals which we must collect in a jug. It has magical properties and in the book when old Miss Susan (who makes lace) rubs a little on her aching head and eyes her headache vanishes and she can see clearly again. "Her eyes sparkled, her face was fresh and young again." If only!
On another subject, I had my very first Craft Fair yesterday at Llanasa Village Hall. It was a very small affair but was just what I wanted for my first attempt as selling to the public. I took my great niece along for company and we had a really nice time. Sold a few items but unfortunately didn't make much money as, apart from paying for the table, we also spent quite a bit on the other stalls and on the very acceptable refreshments provided by some lovely ladies in the kitchen.

And I met some very talented crafters who were all really friendly and helpful - a couple of them also first timers like me.
So I've signed up to do the other Fairs this year - 5 more I think, and my helper can't wait for the next one on 28th May. If you are in the area why not call in. The ancient village is very pretty and is set in beautiful countryside above the Dee estuary.

And this is where I want to apologise to all my blog friends for not visiting them recently. I've been so busy preparing for the fair I've missed many inspiring posts on my favourite blogs - hope to catch up with you all this week.

Thanks to Maurice Clarke for the lovely photo of Llanasa village.


  1. Your stall looks lovely Ann-very inviting. I know what you mean about spending at other stalls though!

  2. Congratulations with your first craft fair. You'll see that the second already will go better, it depends also of the kind of public. Good luck!!!!!

  3. What lovely pics of your village and fair, what a lovely social occasion it must have been.

  4. Your stall looks wonderful.
    I love doing craft fairs, especially when people make great comments about your work, and even better when they buy it. I have and event coming up soon and hope to do some more fairs in the autumn. Maybe will come and visit you at one of your fairs.

  5. Are the pictures of your display table? WOWWWWOW! Your set up is so professional! Really eye-catching!

  6. Happy May! That little book looks so charming - I love the illustrations on the cover. Your table at the craft fair looked wonderful - so sorry you didn't sell that much. But it is good experience and looked like you had fun! Theresa


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