Saturday, 21 May 2011

White for NF Macro Flowers #2 too

Following on from my white card post below, I thought I'd have white flowers for my NF Macro Flowers #2 post.

This "tempestuous tulip" was past it's best but I love it at this stage - it seems to be letting go after standing to attention for so long.

The beautiful opium poppies always flop around as I never get round to staking them in time. I've got a gorgeous salmon pink one too - but not for this post!

The humble daisy couldn't be more of a contrast to the first two flowers but has a simple beauty of its own. I don't know why people want to dig them out of their lawns - there's nothing prettier than a grass plat sprinkled with daisies.

And my last white beauty is this little flower that covers the overgrown rockery in the front garden. I think its Stitchwort, which is a wild plant, but it certainly likes growing in the garden as it increases every year!

Here's the Stitchwort Fairy's Song from Cicely Mary Barker:

I am brittle-stemmed and slender,
But the grass is my defender.
On the banks where grass is long,
I can stand erect and strong.
All my mass of starry faces
Looking up from wayside places,
From the thick and tangled grass,
Gives you greeting as you pass.

Yes it certainly sounds like my plant - especially that "thick and tangled grass" bit!


  1. Lovely photos Ann-that poppy is amazing.

  2. I'm drawn to white flowers too. I think it's their simplicity. your photos are lovely!

  3. What lovely pics Ann, you really captured the daisy so well! Summer is on the way :)

  4. Beautiful daisys and interesting info here Ann! Love that poem too!

  5. Lovely pics! The tulip is so beautiful!

  6. The flowers are so lovely! I adore using my macro for taking nature photos. :) Cecily Mary Barker is such an inspiration. I love her faeries so much. :) Theresa

  7. We also love white flowers.

  8. lovely pictures Ann. I love the wee fairy too. I sense that fairies do not have a season, not just one, but if they did, Spring would be it.


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