Friday, 1 April 2011

Garden diary for March

I hear there is still snow falling in the US this week but we've been lucky here in Wales and enjoyed some lovely sunny and warmish days in which to carry on with the great garden tidy-up. And of course I had to take a few pictures along the way.

Pulmonaria - love the way the flowers change colour as they age and those gorgeous spotty leaves. Its also known as Lungwort and in olden times was used to treat pulmonary ailments as the leaves were thought to resemble diseased lungs!

The beautifully furry buds of the Pasque Flower herald the approach of Easter - the flowers open so fast you can almost see them moving. But I was rather alarmed to learn through googling tonight that these beauties are highly toxic!

Lots of Primulas have appeared in odd corners around the garden over the years. Most probably through cross pollination by the many bees buzzing around the garden . This pretty one pushes its way through the undergrowth below some beech trees every year.
There's so much to do to keep everything under control that I often don't know where to go next, but one day this week my great niece wanted to help and we managed to clear a huge pile of leaves together before she got bored. Now how can I encourage this helpfulness again I wonder - apart from resorting to bribery of course!


  1. Oh how beautiful! We were fortunate to have escaped the snow they had predicted for last night. So all of our little flowers are still growing. :) Thanks for a bit of beauty!!! Theresa

  2. Love spring! It is like 'magic' watching things pop up through the ground after a long cold winter. My primroses are just starting to peek from under the mulch with yellow and purple blooms. The Lenten roses are almost ready to bloom too. Just hope they survive the forecast of snow coming tomorrow. Ah well, it won't stick around long now that the days are longer and getting warmer too! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful spring beauties.


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