Friday, 1 April 2011

Stitching projects

I'm a big fan of Kajsa Wikman's lovely book Scandinavian Stitches and have been busy stitching these little birds/chicks for Easter. My idea is to find a tree branch to hang them on. You know, painted white and stuck in a flowerpot - but a suitable one hasn't turned up yet, which is amazing really as there is so much fallen wood in the garden. So in the meantime they are "perching" on a wire coathanger attached with wooden clothespegs decorated with toadstools.

And I wanted to make some different lavender bag shapes as a change from my usual square sachets, so I've been trying hearts and this strawberry shape. I had the idea of using fruit teabags to scent the strawberry but the fragrance is rather faint so I'll be adding a few drops of strawberry oil to the next version.

I'll be adding these to the March Make a Month gallery if I'm not too late!


  1. These are all so adorable! I love those little birds very much. And those hearts are so sweet! Theresa

  2. EEEEEEE... I love these! They all are fabulous in their own way but I'm partial to that heart! The way you added that flower center and the print on it just screams suh-weet!!

  3. Pretty little country birds! If you don't find the 'right' tree for them, I'll bet they would look grand on a spring wreath. Lovely sachet pouches too.

  4. I actually like how you have them displayed on the wire coathanger. The clothes pegs finish the display off nicely too.

  5. I love you birds and can imagine very well they are hanging in a tree or bush! ... and that heart is also sooo cute- well done!


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