Friday, 8 April 2011

Glorious Friday!

Well if you are in the UK you have to admit today was one of those perfect spring days we might remember from our younger days. There is something about sunlight shining through leafless trees that shouts Springtime in the garden to me. So I spent a few hours tidying, pruning, planting and butterfly chasing this afternoon. This perfect Orange Tip butterfly eventually co-operated and posed prettily on a daffodil for me.

Everything is bursting into life plant-wise (including the weeds of course) and in just a week the ground I had cleared of dead stuff and weeds is disappearing under re-emerging perennials and new weed seedlings. Luckily in this lovely patch of my biggest flower bed the spring flowers are crowding out - or at least hiding - those "plants in the wrong place".

And before the sun disappeared completely it threw these lovely rainbows on my wall by shining through the old chandelier drops I have hanging in the window.


  1. Oh the flowers are so lovely, Ann. Happy Spring! :) Theresa

  2. Wow, such a happy hopeful post, Ann! I have never seen a butterfly like that! Beautiful shot! Here in Ohio it's been raining all day and chilly, but we have daffodils and a few scilla blooming and lenten roses in 2 places, though I need to get outside and clean up the leaves around them that were frost and snow-damaged from the winter........Thanks for your beautiful post today!

  3. Yay for spring!!! Those flowers are so pretty... and so is that pix of the sun beaming off of your chandelier... what a great photographer you are!

    I left you something on my blog. :o)

  4. It certainly has been a glorious couple of days, I love your butterfly pic, happy spring!

  5. Those days are wonderful, - I miss them here - we have them different, the greens are not so generous - but the mood is there as well. That butterfly is beautiful!! Love it!
    and the rainbow colours are a good Feng Shui - I hanged a cristal in my window to get that effect ;-)

  6. Oh what lovely photos. Beautiful flowering plants and butterfly. My crocuses are just blooming and some grape hyacinths are also popping up. I have a long way to go before seeing daffodils and tulips. May see snow again tonight. BUT the good thing is, it brings the much needed moisture we need and it melts quickly at this time of the year. Have a good week!

  7. great butterfly photo, happy spring!!

  8. Thanks fore your lovely comment Ann, I have sunburn from yesterday ouch! I also meant to say that I love your pic of the rainbow scatter from the chandelier crystals, it's such a lovely effect in a room.


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