Sunday, 27 March 2011

Census Day 2011

Today is Census Day in the UK and for the first time we have been able to fill in the census form on line. I wonder if family historians 100 years from now will find this census as fascinating as the one that took place on Sunday 2nd April 1911. As a keen family historian myself I was excited when the census records were partly released early last year. However when I found out the exact date of the census I was just a bit disappointed as I had been hoping to see my Father listed with his family in Llanrwst - Dad was born just 11 days later, on 13th April. Here he is with his parents (aged about 4 and dressed in his Sunday best) on a day out at Llandudno.

You can search for your own family on the 1911 Census website and download images of the actual document filled in by a member of your family 100 years ago. Today we take this service entirely for granted but I don't know how I would explain this amazing resource to my Father, let alone to the Grandfather I never met but whose handwriting I'm so delighted to see today.


  1. Happy Census Day, Ann. It is always fun to learn about your heritage. Hope you have enjoyed the day! Theresa

  2. Great photo Ann. I've been doing this too, felt a bit spooky seeing the handwriting on the screen.

  3. Whats also great about the 1911 census is that how long they had been married was put on there and also how many children had been born and whether still alive at the census. I have been able to trace unknown siblings that way and also a couple of elusive marriages.


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