Friday, 3 December 2010

Wrap up Warm!

Here's another birthday card I made last week for one of our knitting group. Very apt for the weather we are enduring at the moment. This image (from a copyright-free book I have) would also make a sweet Christmas card I think - especially if it is accompanying a handknitted gift. You can copy the image at the bottom of this post.
We've been suffering below zero temperatures for over a week now and there is no end in sight according to the weather report I've just heard on the radio. Although the snow is beautiful when the sun shines we are now all rather fed up with trying to get about and keep warm. Sitting still crafting is very uncomfortable unless I wear about 5 layers and wrap a blanket round my legs. But this is nothing compared to the suffering of my garden birds. I'm feeding them every day of course but imagining how they manage to survive the long night - if they do - is not something I like thinking about. I was rather pleased to find our local pet shop had sold out of bird seed and peanuts last weekend - its nice to think so many people still want to help our birds in these difficult economic times. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this Collared Dove's partner hasn't succumbed to the cold as I didn't see it in the garden today!
Here's the image I used on my card - click on it then right click to save to your computer.

Edit: Just thought you might like to know the Collared Dove's mate is safe and sound and has been visiting over the past few days - which have been much less cold thank goodness!


  1. Your card is fab Ann - thanks for sharing the image- another one for my collection.

  2. Lovely, lovely card, Ann! This sweet image is heartwarming. It really gives me that cuddly feeling. Oh what i'd give to be able to wear furry coats, boots, mittens, wander in streets full of snow, etc., I know, I know, the grass is always greener on the other side! :o)

    I, too, hope your garden birds will pull through. You are a saint for caring for them. You are sooooo my kind of people! I feed the ones in my backyard as well. My neighbors think I'm nuts!

  3. Such a sweet image and kind of you to share with us. Don't know why but The Enid Blyton books sprang to mind when I saw it. Very vintage and looks so good for a winter birthday card.

  4. Lovely card Ann and the colouring is so good if I may say so! Like you we have had sub zero temperatures for a while and are ready for a thaw now. We have seen birds in the garden that we only see when they are suffering so I know they appreciate garden bird feeders.
    Carol x

  5. What a lovely job you did on your card! Sorry you are having such cold weather. I'd love a little snow over here. But even I have trouble with seriously frigid temperatures. In the winter months, we always think of our feathered friends and have seed in the feeder all season long. Take care! Theresa

  6. Very sweet card. The image reminds me a bit of the old Sally, Dick, and Jane learn-to-read books. Brrr, I hope your weather has warmed up by now.

  7. Lovely card and your coloring is wonderful. Seems it is super cold in places that do not usually have this. Just provide water along with the seed. I have three heated birdbaths to help the birds that stay around where I live all winter long.

  8. Hi Ann, what a lovely card. I saved the image!!!

  9. Oh Ann, what a lovely image to top off a lovely card! I love to see WMS stamps combined with other lovely images, speaking of which thank you for sharing...


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