Saturday, 24 July 2010

Swifts and Sunsets

I watched another sunset from the attic window tonight. I also wanted to watch the swifts - I've a thing about swifts (you may have noticed them on my blog banner). They just fascinate me. I love to hear them screaming together as they joyously streak across the sky and when they arrive from Africa around April time I know summer is almost here. Of course its impossible to photograph them successfully as they don't perch and only come to earth to nest and raise their young - they even sleep on the wing. So I was quite pleased to catch them on camera tonight - even though the photos are rather blurry. You can click to see them enlarged.I did see a swift close up once though - a few years ago my cat brought one into the house. It was alive and didn't seem injured but of course was shocked. I knew there must be something wrong anyway for it to be grounded and it was late in the summer when our local swifts had already left on their migration. I emailed the RSPB as I didn't know what I should do to help it and received a reply almost immediately. The Wildlife Advisor thought the bird was probably already on it's migration from further north and had become exhausted. I followed his advice but sadly the poor thing died in the night.


  1. Thank you for introducing me to such an fascinating bird Ann. Your pictures are lovely!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Anne! So sad about the bird.......They are BIG! We have chimney swifts here, but they are MUCH smaller, I think (although I've never seen one close either)

  3. Gorgeous photos! Such a sad tale about the swift - but at least you tried to help. It just wasn't meant to be. :( Theresa

  4. Beautiful photos Ann! That sky is breathtaking!

  5. RIP little swift.
    Ann, you are a sweetheart.

  6. hi ann thank you for your comment on my blog... i usually stick to pti designs too im struggling with colour combos atm... happy to stamp you some images if you email me xxx


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