Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sunset from the Attic

There was another beautiful sunset last night and as usual I couldn't resist taking photos from the attic window. Even though the attic is full of rubbish I love sitting by the open window when its a still evening, looking above the ugly clinic building next door and down the valley towards the sea 20 miles away. I've been there on New Year's Eve watching the fireworks too - tiny coloured explosions far away.

We've been out and about a lot this week as my sister is over from France - so I haven't done much crafting. But there is a project I'm working on that has to be finished and in the post tomorrow - so I think I'll be up late tonight! I'm looking forward to sharing it next week. I did put together a little something for my sister however. She's a great coffee drinker so this fabulous free template project by Wilna Furstenburg at 2Peas in a Bucket was perfect for her. All I had to do was add some photos, cut it out, put it all together and add a few embellishments. Wilna used an actual Starbucks cup on her project; I didn't have one but she has helpfully included a scan of a cup with her template. There's a garden variation on the template - also by Wilna - I want to do that one sometime too. Anyway, my sister was pleased so I was pleased.


  1. Hi Anne! Indeed a gorgeous sunset - beautiful inspiration. LOVE your album! Thanks for the link.

  2. The colors in that sunset are AMAZING! Wow! Theresa

  3. That Starbucks notebook you did for her is fabulous and fun!!! What a perfect gift for Starbucks drinkers...and I know lots of them! She must have loved it! I'm having so much fun just looking at it. Hmm...gotta head over to 2peas and check it out. Darn you! :)

    Oh, and that sunset is beautiful. It looks like a painting!

  4. That has to be just about the best ever sunset picture. Busy busy too at the moment. Gotta fly to catch the post. I can see a late night coming up!!!!

  5. Hello Ann
    I've just come back from a week in Shropshire and seen some of those fab skies myself. Too lazy after a day out though to grab the camera! I love this little project and the cakes are so gorgeous.
    Linby x

  6. What a clever & original idea, your sister will love it - enjoy your time together! xxx p.s. nature is a true work of art & never fails to take my breath away :)

  7. This sunset is magnificent! You are very lucky to live in a place where it is possible to see such a beauty!
    Have the most wonderful day!


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