Monday, 28 June 2010

My Knight in Shining Armour

No - it wasn't one of these knights that rescued this damsel in distress! It was my son - yes really!

I would like to I thank my lovely readers here for all the sympathetic comments left regarding the loss of all my photos, scrapping files, etc, last week when my external hard drive failed. I'm keen to support local businesses and took it to a nearby company for their opinion (for which I had to pay £42), and was told the next day that the disc was "cooked" and nothing could be retrieved. So that was that I thought. One or two of you advised a second opinion but in the end my son was able to restore everything. There was a bit of incentive for him as he also had files stored on the drive, and that drive isn't fixed, but I bought a replacement yesterday and all files are now saved onto it. What a relief! I will be saving them to disc as a backup as soon as I can too.

The knights pictured above arrived here for our Medieval Festival & Country Show this weekend, along with their families and supporting peasants. We had a whole medieval village camped in the local playing fields and as I had volunteered to help out on one of the trade stands I was able to have a look round and watch the jousting and "burning" of Ruthin. A bit of history here - Owain Glyndwr, the last Welsh Prince of Wales, instigated a revolt against English rule c1400 and one of his first acts of rebellion was against Baron de Grey of Ruthin, with whom he was in dispute over land. On 16 September 1400 Owain burned Ruthin to the ground, reputedly leaving only the castle and a few other buildings standing. When I was a teenager we lived in one of these buildings for a few months and I have to say there were mysterious happenings....... but that's another story!


  1. I am so glad to hear, that you could rescue your photos! Save them NOW - telling you that out of experience... the other day, I also kept postponing and forgetting....glad my husband had saved them and so they were not lost.
    Your knight pics look so great - we have such events close to where I used to live in Germany and I loved and miss that!

  2. Yay! I'm so happy that your son was able to rescue your files!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  3. Oh Ann, what a relief! I'm so happy for you. :) Isn't it funny how computers play such a big part of our lives? Yay for your son!


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