Monday, 7 June 2010

Mum's Birthday

Its Mum's 86th birthday today, though we actually celebrated yesterday so that we could all go out for lunch together. Any such family occasion is an opportunity to reminisce and of course we did. For a long time I tried to get Mum to write down her memories and even bought her one or two of those books meant for recording life stories and memories for the future - but she never filled them in and so I took to keeping a notebook in my bag and writing things down whenever Mum (or any one of us) remembered something that it would be sad to forget for ever. I did this page from one such memory. During WW2 Mum and her parents lived in Warrington and her Dad worked in the American base Burtonwood. Like many other girls she started courting a GI and they became engaged but in the end Mum just couldn't leave her parents (she was an only child) to live in the US and so they decided to part. She - and I - often wonder what happened to Jim Campbell. We do know he married and was living on Staten Island after the war. Its funny to think that as a war bride by now she would have been living in the US for 65 years! What a difficult decision she had to make all those years ago.

Anyway, Mum really liked the little shawl I knitted for her birthday gift - so that was a success. I packaged it rolled up inside this tube - can you guess what it is! I've been wanting to up-cycle a Pringles tube for ages and was pleased that the shawl fitted perfectly inside. The heart label is from the Waltzing Mouse 'Seasons of Love' stamp set which co-ordinates with Spellbinders Heart and Scallop Heart die sets.

NB: If you read the memory on my digi- page and wonder about "Hiya Red" - Mum was a beautiful redhead!


  1. Happy birthday to your mum! So happy you were able to enjoy each other's company and celebrate a lovely day! :) Theresa

  2. HB to your Mum Ann. What interesting stories you have to tell, someone I work with has a similar tale from their Mother but she has a reminder of him if you know what I mean!
    How beautifully packaged your gift was and who would have thought how it begun life. I am starting to covet the Waltzing mouse things - entered their challenge yesterday.

  3. Awe! Happy Belated Birthday to your Mum :) I am sure she loved this gift you created! That heart looks amazing!

  4. Oh, Ann...what a clever & beautiful way to use those Pringles tubes!! She'll love it! I love that darling blue heart as well. On a side note, still no PTI package. I'm hoping it'll come before the week ends.

  5. Hey Ann, I jumped the gun too early. Mailman just delivered our goodies. I sent you an email. Yay!!! :)

  6. What a fun wonderful memory! that's too funny that they 'borrowed' the dogs for the picture!!

  7. Hi Ann, I'm catching up reading blogs.
    Hope your mom had a wonderful birthday!
    We celebrated our mom's 80th birthday yesterday, and she showed us how she is handwriting her memoires. Isn't that great? I hope you can get your mom to write down some facts. I'm sure lots of fact will come to her mind as soon as she starts writng...
    Meanwhile, enjoy her company :)

  8. Beautiful Ann, you have inspired me to use my wheel stamp again, thank you x


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