Friday, 25 June 2010

Birthday Mouse

It was a certain little person's 4th birthday yesterday and I made her this little felt mouse in his cosy bed. I found the instructions here at Lynn's lovely Molly Chicken blog - such a shame she seems to have given up blogging as she has some wonderful inspiration there.

Here's the birthday girl modelling her new dress-up poppits necklace! Does anyone remember poppits - there was a real fashion for them in the early 60s. Found a photo of them here and of course, as with anything from the 60s, they are collectable now.

I'm really enjoying using felt again after quite forgetting it over the last couple of years. I bought half a dozen 100% wool felt pieces recently and finding how gorgeous it is to work with (it cuts beautifully with dies in my Cuttlebug too) has encouraged me to get out my stash again. However I've a mountain of old acrylic felt to use before I can buy more lovely stuff.


  1. I've just noticed you have changed your blog design - very nice.
    love the little felt mouse - sooo cute. and yes I remember those beads!

  2. OMGoodness, that is the most adorable mouse ever!!!! And that is HUGE coming from me since that is the one creature that makes me scream. I love it! and i'm sure the birthday girl will too!


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