Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Day Seed Sowing and Happy Birthday Claire!

May Day and I'm hoping to sow some carrot seeds today - we've had a lot of April showers over the last couple of days so the ground is all set for growing - warm and damp! If all goes to plan my carrots should be ready to harvest by mid July and as I wanted to note this day I've created this little card with my Waltzingmouse Earthangel set. I would like to send it to Claire, the talented owner of Walzingmouse Stamps in Ireland. Today is a big day for Walzingmouse as over the past year Claire's wonderfully creative blog has grown into a very successful company producing brilliant acrylic stamp sets designed by Claire herself. So Happy First Birthday and Congratulations on your fabulous first year Claire! If you visit Walzingmouse today you will see exactly why we crafters love Claire's designs. Can't wait to see the 8 (yes 8!) sets she will be releasing at 7.00 pm tonight!

And if that wasn't enough to look forward to, Claire is running a competition to celebrate (finishing at midday today - Saturday) and the lucky winner will receive a set of each stamp set released today - what more could a crafter want! So my Earthangel card is my entry to the competition and I've got all fingers and toes crossed.
And finally, as it is May Day, some May Queens. The first queen is my Mum as Knighton May Queen in 1932- they look rather anxious don't they. And below a Criccieth May Queen of about the same time, with my Mum's cousin Lowri as a Queen's attendant, second from the left sitting on the floor. One more Criccieth May Queen, and the little girl on the left looking into the distance is my Aunty Gaenor , my Nain's (Grandmother) sister. This is 1914 and no doubt the last May Day celebration before the dark days to come.
Does anyone remember the May Day processions of the past - and dancing round the Maypole? I can just remember processions in Rhyl in the 1950s and an exciting concert in the pavilion on the promenade to follow - such a shame these traditions have all but disappeared.

Edit - Talking to Mum about the photo today, she said they were all really scared of the photographer's flash and look so anxious as they were waiting for the bang! When it went off Mum burst into tears and her headmistress ("a sarcastic so-and-so") said "fancy a Queen crying!" Mum was 7 years old - I don't think a 7-year-old today, used to the casual violence of video games and cartoons, would take fright at a photographer's flashgun!


  1. What a lovely card - like the composition. Fantastic photos you have of the May day queens what treasures.

  2. I think you card is gorgeous - that Earth Angel set is so pretty-I must invest in it as well as all the other goodies Claire has coming soon!!. I really enjoyed looking at your old photos - it was lovely of you to share them x

  3. At the college we went to in SW Pennsylvania, Grove City College, we had a May Queen and all the festivities......that was back in the late 60's/early 70's. I had forgotten all about it! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Love your card too!

  4. Mega cute may day photo's tfs. OH, and so love your card too LOL!!!!!
    Angela xxx.

  5. cheers Ann and your card is so very pretty, love that wee angel! thanks so much for playing along!! good luck!

  6. Happy May Day to you!!! Thank you for sharing all those beautiful vintage photos. I very much wish I had a May Pole to dance around today! Theresa :)

  7. Hello Ann, thanks so much for your kind comment on my teacup from WMS. It's not hard to build but does take a little patience. Love your blog and the cards that I have viewed. And I'm so glad you have the Vintage Moth blinkie on here. I'm headed there next!

  8. Love your earth angel card with the lovely floral wreath! and your vintage pics of May Days are just wonderful!

  9. You have a really treasure... so many photos!!! I could watch them for hours.

  10. Love the photos and the stories behind them are these all Rhyl may Queens!?
    If so I am doing the history of Rhyl may day and would love to use these photos on our history page xx

    1. Hi Anonymous - I'm afraid these aren't Rhyl May Queens - two from Criccieth and the other from Knighton in Powys. I did send some May Queen pics to Colin Jones for his Rhyl Life blog some years ago. They were from an old May Queen Parade programme from 1953. There are some other May Queen pictures there too. You might find them useful if you haven't found them already. Here is the link.


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