Friday, 21 May 2010

May is Out!

Our family's millennium baby Jodie was 10 years old this week - can you believe its 10 years since all that fuss! I made her this pink bird to hang in a window and to match (well, vaguely!) the bird decorated birthday card. I found the free pattern here at Spool. I had already bought a fat quarter of this cute Japanese fabric to make a little gift for a new baby a few weeks ago and there was enough left over to make a bird or two. Its such a cute design and not too babyish for a 10 years old either. I found the pattern for the bib here at Juliette's Chickpea Sewing Studio. I find so much inspiration and ideas in blog-land - and its all there for the finding!

Apparently we're in for a spell of hot weather over the weekend and although its very welcome to most people it does make my latest garden project very difficult. I'm doing a bit of archeology - uncovering an old cinder path which has long been overgown with rough grass, nettles and brambles. I may have to leave further excavations until next week when cooler conditions are expected.
However, the good news this week is that the May is out - the Hawthorn hedge in other words. So you may cast all your clouts to keep cool as the temperature rises!
Isn't it beautiful!


  1. Love the card - can't wait for my nesties to arrive now to case this idea! that bird is fab and what a find that website is, all those lovely fat quarters of fantastic fabric at a really reasonable price, amy butler patterns...oooh, anyway time I was in bed!

  2. How sweet your bird is! I love the fabric and I think Jodie will love the pattern on the bird too. Lovely b-day card too! Beautiful yard and flowering shrub. My lilacs are just starting to form buds and should be busting open in another week.

  3. Ann, that bird is so darling!!! And I love the matching card to go with it as well. I am jealous of your PTI anniv. set. Can you believe I still haven't received it yet?!!

  4. Very pretty card - that bird is wonderful & that baby bib is adorable :) So pretty in pink :)


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