Monday, 22 March 2010

Talacre Beach

We decided to take a walk on nearby Talacre Beach this afternoon. B to try out his new radio controlled car and me to take photos and pick up more sea glass. The day had started with sunshine and clear blue skies but by the time we got there it had started to cloud over and the forecast is for rain tomorrow. However the more dramatic sky made for an interesting backdrop to the lighthouse. I've left this digi scrapbook page quite simple as the pictures didn't seem to need embellishment.

Of course this scene is a favourite with photographers and there are many pictures of the lighthouse on the web. There are lots of stories too - some say the place is haunted by a lighthouse keeper who died of a fever and a broken heart! It was replaced by a lightship in the 1880s and has not been in use since. If you are interested there are some pictures of the inside on the BBC website here.


  1. The pictures ARE lovely. I also like the romance of the haunted lighthouse story.

  2. Such a beautiful page! Your beach photos are great, and you are right, they don't need much to make a stunning layout.

  3. This page is truly beautiful and should take pride of place, it's the sort of thing that I'd like to be able to make myself...


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