Sunday, 14 March 2010

Enjoy your Mothering Sunday

I hope we all enjoy our day today doing just what we want to do. Our family day is not panning out as hoped but we'll try to enjoy it anyway.

I made these small decorated canvases for my Mum and sisters. They were a bit of an experiment using Lazertran and copies of old family photos. The images needed to be attached to the canvas with PVA but once they had dried completely they took on the texture of the canvas, a really nice effect, and the stamped background shows through too.
The first one is a photo of my grandmother Nancy and her mother Ellen c1898. The two studio portraits are my Mum aged 2 and a half in 1926/7 and the other is my sister in the garden about 1953. I like the way my Mum and sister are both photographed with a stool as a prop!


  1. Hello Ann, these frames are positively lovely! And how wonderful that you have filled them with such beautiful family photos. I truly think you mom and sisters will really love them. Sorry your plans aren't going as you though, but I do hope that you and your family enjoy the day!
    :) Theresa

  2. Oh, I really need to find our old family photos - photos of my grandparents and my parents when they were small. Thank you.


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