Thursday, 11 March 2010

Another OWOH Gift!

I was SO pleased to be the winner of Godelieve's One World One Heart prize in February as I really, really love her work at Stamping Mathilda. She's given me so much inspiration since I found her blog last year. So when her package didn't arrive, and didn't arrive, and didn't arrive, I was dreading having to tell her - but HOORAY! it arrived this morning, having taken 3 weeks to cross the channel and make its way up to North Wales. But it was worth the wait - its a lovely triangle shaped mini-album of beautifully stamped and hand cut scraps on the theme of nature and a lovely hand stamped flower ATC, so where better to photograph them than in the garden.
We've had some gorgeous spring days this week with brilliant sunshine by day and frosty nights. I really want to clear all last year's dead plants away before the daffodils start to come out and this weather is perfect for some hard work in the garden. As usual, while I clear away all the weeds and leaves I'm watched intently by my garden birds, who swoop down to snatch juicy morsels as they are uncovered. I couldn't resist recording this Robin who was following me around today - if you listen carefully you can hear he's answering a rival Robin's song.

I don't know why my video has turned into a black square - I've tried reloading it a couple of times but it turns out the same. It does work though if you click on play.


  1. Very lovely gift! Our robins are just starting to emerge here. They are so lovely to watch and listen to. :) Spring is finally coming! Theresa

  2. Glad the package finally arrived :)
    Love how you made the pictures in the garden, with the robin keeping you company. How fun!!


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