Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, Happy St David's Day

We are celebrating our saint's day in Wales today - the shops are loaded down with daffodils, welsh cakes, bara brith, and all things Welsh. We will probably have Welsh cakes at teatime as they are a favourite of my Mum's and its quite hard to get her to eat anything these days.

And talking of Welsh cakes I'm reminded of a beautiful day last summer when my sister, Mum and I enjoyed afternoon tea on the library terrace at Ruthin Castle - the most deliciously light golden brown cakes I've ever tasted!


  1. The Welsh Cakes look yummy
    Julie xxx

  2. I remember those, yum yum.

  3. Love daffodils! We don't celebrate Saint David's here in Portugal. And , like, I Love to do things too. Big hug!

  4. A belated Happy St David's Day Ann! I thought I had posted this on Sunday but must have forgotten to sign in - silly me! The Welsh cakes look really delicious! x


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