Friday, 20 March 2015

First Day of Spring and a Total Eclipse of the Sun...

 As all we crafters know, one should never throw anything away! I managed to find these eclipse shades last used in 1999 and tried to get a shot through them as my basic digi camera could not cope with the sun - it was not very successful.  However we were lucky with the weather, the clear sky dimmed eerily and the gulls seemed rather confused, so on the First Day of Spring, International Happiness Day, and Solar Eclipse Day I was happy with that!

 And we were lucky as just as the shadow of the moon was moving away from the sun the clouds drifted over.  Looking forward to 2026!!!!!


  1. You were lucky - it was too misty here for any excitement but the sun has been out all day and the first day of Spring has been beautiful and much warmer too!

  2. Well you were lucky too as the day deteriorated after the excitement and has ended more like November!! :(

  3. We didn't see anything either. but the rest of the day turned out lovely and we had a scone tea sitting out on the stern of a barge restaurant that moors up on the river near us. The swans and qeese were very attentive. hugs mrs A.

    1. Lovely! Perhaps we'll get the Sun again tomorrow.

  4. We had our glasses somewhere just couldn't remember where we last saw them, expect we will find them when we are not looking for them! We saw the eclipse through a pinhole in card
    Julie xxxxx

  5. It was overcast here all morning and I couldn't even see which direction the sun was in let alone an eclipse! I eventually found a Marie Curie collection box in a sweet shop in town so I have put my contribution in there for my lovely crochet daffodil that you sent. x


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